$15K Reward Offered To Find Cruel Person Who Left Two Emaciated Dogs On Side Of The Road


A large reward is being offered to find the cruel person or people responsible for abandoning two emaciated female dogs on the side of the road in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

At the morning, Portsmouth Police Department received a call about the dogs and arrived to find two dogs who were clearly neglected and starved for a long time. They were skin and bones.

The sweet girls were named Turkey and Gravy and rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Sadly, Turkey didn’t survive.

“Later in the day information was received that Turkey needed to be euthanized due to her poor health condition,” posted the local animal shelter, Potter League For Animals.

Heartbroken and outraged by the situation the shelter said, “There is never an excuse to abandon an animal.” If people are struggling to feed or care for their pet, the shelter offers programs and resources to help.

A generous person, who wishes to remain anonymous, stepped up to offer a reward of $5,000 to anyone with information that leads to the identification, arrest, and prosecution of the person or persons responsible.


After the sad story was shared on social media more anonymous donors offered to help. The reward was increased to $15,500 to get justice for Turkey and Gravy.

One follower wrote, “No words!!! The depth of human cruelty is mind bending. Praying that those responsible are found and prosecuted!!! Thank you to everyone involved in the rescue of these precious pups. RIP Turkey, run free at the Rainbow Bridge. You are in our thoughts and prayers sweet Gravy.”

Gravy is slowly recovering and receiving all the care and love she deserves. The sweet pup covers her caregivers with kisses and is so grateful for everyone’s support.