Ecstatic at the man’s act of jumping into the glacier to save the poor dog.


This is the moment a heroic bystander braved the freezing water of an icy lake to save a stranded dog.

It had fallen through the ice 16ft from the shore of the frozen Kalmius Lake in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Monday, January 31.

Footage of the rescue drew a slew of admiring comments online about the ripped rescuer’s physique, with some joking they wouldn’t mind being saved by him.

The video shows worried members of the public looking on before one man ditched his clothes in the frosty conditions where temperatures drop as low as -7°C.

The semi-naked bystander received a slew of admiring comments for his physique


During the minute-and-a-half rescue mission he makes his way down the riverbank in just his briefs and shoes before walking into the water and trying to make his way onto the frozen ice.

A second dog standing on the ice whines as the man stomps and claws his way through the ice, bobbing up and down to stay afloat, before dragging the dog from where it is stuck, clinging to a tree branch.

After a failed attempt to get the animal onto some solid ice the man helps guide it back through the water to the bank where he is met with applause and a handshake.

Seemingly unfazed by the sub-zero conditions, the unidentified rescuer acknowledges the thanks of the public before being handed a pink towel and wrapping himself up in it to warm up.


Since the video was released online people viewers have praised the man for his actions – and remarked on his physique.

Commenting on YouTube, Dunkleosteus said: ‘Thank you for your bravery. I’m so glad he was able to get the dog to safety.’

While Tine Rea joked: ‘You can rescue me any day.’

Latonya Green-Warner added: ‘Looks like someone likes to workout. Sexy hero.

‘But in all seriousness, it broke my heart to hear the dog cry. Thank goodness he was there.’

Lind J commented: ‘And that’s what a true hero looks like! And admiration from Canada.’

Heather Thompson said: ‘This made me cry.’

On his return to the riverbank the heroic man was met with a round of applause from the public

The chilling rescue may be a shock to many people, but for the people of Donetsk it won’t be a surprise, with residents having a tradition of taking dips in the freezing lakes.

In years gone by daring locals have taken to the city’s frozen ponds in winter for a bit of ice swimming.

The pastime is considered to be good for blood circulation, muscle soreness, and respiratory problems.