A Paralyzed Female Dog Was Found In A Landfill. The Guardian Wanted To Get Rid Of Her In A Cruel Way


Susanna was abandoned by her owner in a landfill. The dog was malnourished, exhausted and covered with fleas and ticks. She couldn’t lift her head or walk. The pet was found by employees of the Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue organization. When they saw the dog, they were terrified.

“Animals are abandoned in this landfill to die. It’s a very dangerous place because there are a lot of trucks going through there at high speeds and it’s just heartbreaking.” – admitted Laurie Kardon.

Because Susanna couldn’t walk, paramedics had to get her into the car themselves

The most important thing, however, was that she was finally safe. The female dog was taken to the nearest animal hospital, where her fluids were supplemented and blood tests were performed.

It turned out that Susanna was paralyzed

No one knew the reason for her disability. It was unclear whether he would ever walk again.

After a few more days, Susanna’s condition stabilized

The dog did not have any spine problems and none of her bones were broken. People probably did something very bad to her and that’s why she couldn’t walk.

“She had deformed paws, so we believe she was kept in a cramped cage from birth. She probably lived in such conditions for most of her life and was used for illegal dog breeding. When it was no longer useful, the owner simply abandoned it.”

3-year-old Susanna has already been through a lot. She still had to fight an important fight for her own life

“When I first saw her, she lifted her head and licked me. This girl really wants to live. We knew we would do everything we could to help her.”


The rescue team and veterinary services jointly developed a treatment plan

It was necessary to provide the dog with good quality food that would help her regain her strength. Then she was to undergo rehabilitation. The dog also needed painkillers to help relieve the stiffness of her weak muscles and bones.

With lots of good food and love, Susanna began to regain her strength

A little over a week after her rescue, a team of veterinarians brought Susanna to a rehabilitation pool to check on her condition. To her surprise, when the dog entered the water, she started moving!

“We were all in tears when we saw it. We were so relieved!”

Susanna was keen to regain her mobility, so the lifeguards took her to the swimming pool regularly

After some time, the light appeared in the dog’s eyes again and her tail started wagging. She was happy for everyone she met.

Day by day, Susanna felt better and better. Despite everything she had been through, she loved people very much

“She’s just happy. This is probably the first time in my life that I feel this way.”

Now, more than a month after being found in a landfill, the female dog is finally strong enough to start playing with other dogs. She loves them all!