A Snared Mother Dog And Her Desperate Plea For Puppies


When I went to the shelter today, there was a child rescued right after giving birth. They said that she was rescued after giving birth, tied in a snare. She is a small dog who appears to be about 5 kilos, and upon closer inspection, his neck is severely dented. With his leash fastened, she must have been on the road suffered pain for a long time.She’s out of breath and doesn’t seem to have the strength to move.

She can’t even get basic treatment at the shelter. I’m in a low state right now! Can both her mother and children live a healthy life…? There were 4 babies. Her mother, her neck wounds look so bad, that she couldn’t take a good look at them because she was afraid.

The throat is bleeding for several days and her mother having a hard time. We are going to go to the hospital today as soon as you possible and receive treatment. X-ray, the doctor said luckily there was no damage to the respiratory. However, due to prolonged bleeding and pus, Wounds that were hard to see due to tangled hair.

The mother dog condition is very serious. Necrosis has occurred down to the bottom of the neck, so the flesh is falling off and the mother is not showing any signs of pain. The pups are now artificially fed, but they are still too young, so I think they need mother’s milk. My mother’s name is Beek. Please pray that our wonderful Snow White will go through surgery tomorrow.

It will be a difficult journey ahead. Neck surgery, filariasis treatment, and mastitis breastfeeding puppies… I think the mother only thinks of cubs with full her tearful eyes. My heart ached so much. Day 1: Snow Beek’s surgery went well and the anesthesia went well! She was originally hospitalized and treated with antibiotics.

With that skinny body, milk wouldn’t come out. “Even from today, I’m eating many” Day 2: She didn’t eat, She didn’t even look. I scooped it up with my hand and forcibly put it in her mouth. Then she slowly started eating! Yesterday, I cooked beef seaweed porridge. Eat often! Today, I mixed seaweed porridge in beef bone soup and added some feed to it, and she eat it well too.

No babies come out! How much mother’s milk do you drink? I am alternately on artificial feeding. First of all, I think Snow Beek’s recovery comes first. I’m going to try to feed you this and that! Beek was roasting beef today. She eat well~ But with that skinny body, I don’t think there’s enough nutrition yet to handle the pups with 4 of them.

Even though she feeds puppies more than 7 times a day, I don’t think Beek can get enough nutrients yet. Day 3: Snow White is in its current state. On the first day, two sutures were performed, and one area was still swollen. The most serious part of the rest of the neck Pus is being discharged.She’s dressing and taking medication.


Day 8: It’s Snow Beek! The babies are taking turns artificially breastfeeding. Still, I can’t help but think that mother’s milk is good! Even if milk doesn’t come out well, bite and shake. Snow White’s mother eats and eats She can’t gain any weight, Babies must have made milk and fed! Day 9: Snow White is now slowly opening the door to her heart! As you enter, you are greeted with a wag of her tail today! Day 11: Snow White’s mom is still having a hard time. The babies are getting bigger and bigger

Artificial feeding in the evening! Let Snow White take a break! Seol Beek still has pus coming out, so it looks like she will have surgery after the weekend. I used a weak antibiotic because her baby was breastfeeding. Healing a little late! 2 weeks after treatment. We decided to have surgery on the remaining serious areas. I consulted.

No harm to breastfeeding children! Day 14: Beek look at me with grateful eyes. She thanks to everyone who support and help her and puppies. Day 21: Play for an hour in the living room, and pee on the blanket! haha! Day 22: Beekis hungry to eat and eat haha Milk, egg yolk and cheese.Dinner time! Do you guys know how much they eat now? Look at my mom.

Snow White is growling~~ Day 30: Snow White is now approaching one step at a time. It’s been a month since you came to my house. Day 32: The children have to go for adoption, but Snow White’s mother still need treatment. Day 40: Snow White’s babies are starting to grow teeth They are not getting milk more. Of course, only baby food at this time, enough to eat.

There is a mother, so the cubs, even after eating baby food, Beek is trying to get milk. Day 41: Now Beek is hanging out with his friends a little bit too! Day 48: First puppy Dalkong has been adopted! Day 50: Ohson’s adoption is complete Well~ Arrived and I’m already excited to play with toy!

Her new name now is Winter! Day 52: Doson is adopted Beekk’s babies You look so luck! New name, Dodam! Day 60: Alkong has been adopted! A very nice adoptee’s family! Our beans can receive a lot of love He went to forever home! Beeksul, who was afraid of people and didn’t eat even with rice in front of her! Now whenever she hears the sound of mamma, she gets mad! Aren’t the steps a joke? Haha. She’s healling, healthy and happy now.

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