Abandoned Dog Wears A Christmas Sweater For 2 Months With A Heartbreaking Wish


Some of the best Christmas presents come a little late.

For a while, it seemed like Bobby’s present wouldn’t come at all, as he stared out from a cage at Miami-Dade Animal Services. His situation was made even more dire by the fact that we was classified as a Code Red – meaning, at this bustling shelter, he could be put down at any time.

But Bobby held on to hope as steadfastly as he clung to the Christmas sweater he was given by shelter staff when he was dropped off there in mid-December.

His former family, according to Urgent Dogs of Miami, even took off his collar and leash with them when they dropped him off here.

An image of the sad dog in the festive sweater made the rounds on social media, with one CBS news crew dubbing him, “possibly the most famous dog on Facebook.”


All, it seemed to no avail. The system, it seemed, was already gnawing at the edges of Bobby’s emotional state.

Bobby’s body language suggested the scourge of shelter life, a behaviour some call “kennel craziness,” was setting in.

He was shutting down.

Then came his late Christmas. On Wednesday, Bobby was adopted.

“First we’re going to go to the vet to get his conditions cleared up,” his mother told CBS Miami. “Then we’re going to go home.”

And get you you out of that sweater.

Merry belated Christmas, Bobby.

There are dogs just like Bobby (minus the Christmas sweater) waiting in shelters for a real home. Want to make their life? Consider adopting one.