Abandoned dog with only two legs survived but no one helped


Why won’t anyone feel sorry for the dog who only has one back leg and bounces around in search of food?

An attention-grabbing image of a dog with amputated hind legs begging for food alongside the highway has gone viral. Many people are curious about what caused this dog to become so impulsive.

In the video, a dog in Thailand that was in need of food begged for it along the road before being assisted and fed. The dog was emaciated and bony, with all of his hind legs extended, and his entire body was stripped of its flesh, as if he had recently experienced a fire that gave observers a burning sensation.

The food used to be excellent because the dog appeared to have been fasting for a long time. Viewers are made to feel heartbroken by viewers’ sad eyes staring at the camera’s camera. The dog was nevertheless standing on his other two legs, even if his back legs were out of place.

The fact that the dog used to love food suggests that it may have been malnourished for a considerable amount of time.
A lot of people have viewed and shared the video. The majority of them exerted themselves and paid for a late arrival to this poor dog.

I have no idea where my owner is, and yet I have to beg for food along the roadside like this, V.A wrote on Facebook. “I will be able to now not deal with my tears once more when I see it,” she added.
Do whatever it takes to save this dog; if he’s still in Vietnam, I’ll take him in to take care of him. The excellent friend T.L remarked, “May God bless him with many fantastic problems.”


There have been countless requests for help for this sad puppy, although it is unknown at this moment if it is a stray. The dog could, hopefully, be nourished and taken care of in the best circumstances in the long run.

Dogs will always enjoy life and their owners as much as possible, no matter what situation they are in, including illness, physical deformities, or other unforeseen events. It’s extremely uncommon to see dogs with autism sit dejectedly. The environment will remain pleasant around them, making us, their owners, happy.

No matter how dangerous the situation is, the dog will defend its owner to the very end, even if it must face down opponents who are much heavier than it. There have been instances where dogs have fought off wolves and tigers to protect their owners, or saved them from burning homes. This is a crucial trait since it shows that dogs are more than simply pets; they are also your guardian.
Dogs are, of course, the most docile animals; they don’t mind being forced to perform the same task repeatedly or to adopt uncomfortable positions, and they even like learning new things. those fresh things.