Bag of bones: Emaciated dog is one of the skinniest animals EVER rescued by the RSPCA


A dog that was found dumped at the side of the road is one of the skinniest animals that the RSPCA has ever rescued.

The emaciated lurcher was not much more than skin and bones when it was found abandoned by a carriageway in Maidstone, Kent, by passing motorists.

She weighed no more than 22lbs – around 10 bags of sugar – when she was rescued on February 16, but thankfully now she is making a steady recovery in the care of the animal charity.

It is thought the two-year-old tan dog – who has been named Snoopy – was deliberately starved and kept in a tiny cage as she had injuries to her tail.

Rosie Russon, an inspector for the RSPCA, said Snoopy was so skinny the members of the public who found her mistook the starving dog for a pile of rags.

She added: “Snoopy was curled up and collapsed in the kerb of the busy street when she was found.

“The people who found her said they at first mistook her for a pile of rags, she was so still, and they had to swerve to miss her.


“Thankfully they realised in time and kindly rescued her and took her to a nearby vet who called us the next day.

“She is extremely thin – almost skin and bones – and weighing just ten kilos rather than the 16 kilos which would have been a healthy weight for her size.

“No medical condition has been found so this emaciation seems to be due to not being fed.

“She also had injuries to her tail which are consistent with being caged in an enclosed space.”

Inspector Russo added: “She is very young – we think less than two years old – and has clearly had a very sad start in life – but she is regardless such a sweet, friendly little thing.

She seems to making a good recovery, although there is always a danger of organ failure in dogs so we are keeping a close eye on her.”

The RSPCA is investigating Snoopy’s mistreatment as she continues to recover at Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent.