Brave Dog Escaped Death Twice When He Slipped And Fell Into A Deep Well


This brave little dog is the living proof that if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.

The sandy coloured pet was at the centre of a dramatic rescue mission after plunging down a deep well.

The intelligent pooch repeatedly managed to grab hold of a rope and scramble up the brickwork, only to slip and fall as it neared the top.

A rescuer, desperate to retrieve the exhausted dog, shouted words of encouragement as time-and-time again it plunged back into the freezing water.

In total nine attempts failed, but the little dog and the emergency worker refused to give up hope.

On the tenth go, a rescuer managed to grab hold of the pets collar and drag the animal to safety.


The whole ordeal lasted just under three minutes.

The bedraggled dog appeared uninjured by the experience and was seen happily wagging its tail back on dry land.

It was not known when or where the video was shot.

Since being posted online it has been watched by over 5,000 viewers across the globe.

One said: ‘ That’s one smart dog, My dog would have just look at me with a “come get me look” if I lowered a rope.’

Another said: ‘I can promise you my three dogs would have never had enough sense to bite the rope.’