Canine Who Fell Off Shrimp Boat Found Alive Days Later After Swimming Six Miles To Shore


When a dog named Monster, dropped off a shrimp boat, his owner feared she was lost forever — but the brave canine came home by swimming to shore days later.

Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, a shrimp boat captain from San Leon, Texas, cherishes his dog Monster, who accompanies him on his daily treks out on the water.

A recent expedition, however, ended in tragedy when Monster went overboard. Despite the fact that the dog had been on the boat with Keith since she was a puppy and that it was a peaceful day, the dog vanished without a trace.

Keith searched everywhere in the hopes of finding her, but rapidly got apprehensive. “I lost the one thing in this world that I actually loved,” Keith wrote. “I’m absolutely brokenhearted.”

Keith published the tale on social media in the hopes that Monster might show up someplace. People on the internet showered him with love and prayers.

However, five days after Monster went missing, he received good news: Monster was alive and well… after a wild maritime trip.

According to FOX 26 Houston, Monster escaped by swimming between five and six kilometers across Galveston Bay to shore.

Monster was discovered days after arriving to the shore. Keith was taken aback when he heard her story.

“I said to myself, ‘Man, she couldn’t have done that swim,’” he told FOX 26. “That dog could never have swum that far.”


Keith and Monster were happy to be reunited after being apart for several traumatic days.

“I couldn’t even talk because I was weeping so hard,” Keith explained. “She was kissing me all over.

Monster is now safe and sound at home. While Keith is still fatigued from the emotional quest, Monster remains unmoved despite her lengthy journey.

“She acts as if nothing happened,” Keith posted on Facebook, beside a photo of the dog resting soundly. “She sleeps as contentedly as a jaybird… I believe she did it on purpose. “Just to get on TV,” he remarked.

“But I still adore her… and I’m so delighted I reclaimed my little companion.”

Keith also informed FOX 26 that on future boat trips, he will outfit the dog with a tracking device and a life jacket to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

What a fantastic achievement. Monster made it safely to shore and was reunited with her frightened owner. These two obviously admire each other and are ecstatic to be reunited.

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