Dalmatian Saves A Scared Little Puppy Abandoned In The Woods


When Rey Caquias took his dog for a regular walk that day, he couldn’t have imagined the surprise that he was about to find. His dog, Thiago, was walking in front of him when something attracted his attention. He took a detour and went to a brushwood. Caquias followed him, and was left surprised after he saw a little puppy barking and crouching among the branches.

He Is No Longer Alone

Seeing that the pup was alone and scared, Thiago approached him. He didn’t want to leave his side. He sensed that the dog needed love and protection.

Caquias tried to touch the puppy, but he flinched and barked at him. After he made an attempt to catch him, the pooch bit him.

Caquias didn’t give up. He was determined to take the dog with him. He was afraid that he wouldn’t survive if he stayed there on his own.

He prepared a box and he managed to catch the cute doggo. The pup curled up in the box, refusing to look his rescuer in the eyes.

The pup, later named Naithan, was so frightened and distrustful that he didn’t even touch the food and water that Caquias gave him.

After he bathed the pooch, he looked a bit better. However, Caquias was still worried about Naithan.

“Honestly, those first days, I wasn’t sure if he would survive, because he barely wanted to eat. He would spend most of the time sleeping.“

Gaining Naithan’s Trust


After seeing that Caquias was trying to help him, Naithan began to trust him. He let him stroke his head. However, he was still cautious around him, and Caquias knew that the sweet puppy was still afraid of him.

Thaigo yearned to have a companion, and he was overjoyed when Naithan started spending a lot of time with him. The two ended up becoming best friends.

He showered Naithan with affection, and he was always there for him. The two friends often cuddled with each other. They enjoyed playing together and running around.

Thiago was happy that he had a friend. He was no longer alone.

As time passed, Caquias gained the puppy’s trust. After two weeks, Caquias took Naithan to the beach. At first, the pooch was overwhelmed with fear and he didn’t move.

The beach was near the place where Caquias found him, and Naithan was afraid of it.

Letting Go Of His Fears And Finding Happiness

Naithan’s dad helped him conquer his fears. He took him to the beach very often, and gradually the adorable puppy started walking on the beach more and more.

After a while, Naithan’s fears disappeared and they weren’t holding him down anymore. He turned into an energetic doggo and ran with Thiago on the beach. He felt happy and free.

Caquias enjoys having his morning coffee on the beach and watching his two furry friends having a blast.

He is convinced that rescuing Naithan and giving him a home has enriched his life and made him happier.

“When I brought Naithan home for the first time, it was something special. It was like I was giving another living being the chance to enjoy life. And I feel very happy. I feel like I don’t need anything else. It was destined to be,“ Caquias said.

Thanks to the unconditional love of his dad and his furry sibling, Naithan found the happiness that he needed and deserved. He feels cherished and safe in his forever home, knowing that he will never be abandoned again.