Dead Dog Lifts Up His Head When The Angel He’S Been Waiting For Arrives To Take Him Home


When Judy Obregon received a photograph of a poodle mix lying on a driveway she believed that the dog had passed away. She was absolutely certain, about it. However when Obregon went to retrieve the dogs body she was in for a surprise.

Prior to receiving the photo of the dog, Obregon, who’s the founder of The Abandoned Ones, a dog rescue group had been searching for the poodle mix in a neighborhood located in Fort Worth, Texas. A local resident had informed her that this particular dog was wandering around as a stray and being tormented by kids from the area.

“The kids were throwing food onto the street to lure him out ” Obregon shared with The Dodo. “Then some neighbors witnessed those children tying a water hose around his neck.”

Obregon made three visits to the neighborhood. Couldn’t locate the dog on any occasion. It was after receiving the photo, from the resident who initially reached out to her that she discovered this person also believed that the dog had passed away.

“I couldn’t hold back my tears because I felt like I hadn’t done enough ” Obregon expressed. “I blamed myself for not arriving and preventing this dog from ending up in such dire circumstances.”

Upon Obregons return to the neighborhood she was amazed to discover that the dog had managed to survive.

“When I approached him he was still, in the spot. His head was raised ” Obregon expressed. “I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I felt.”


However the condition of the dog, whom Obregon named Gully was quite dire. While he didn’t have any injuries he was severely. Weak. Obregon firmly believes that another day without assistance would have been fatal for him.

Understandably Gully was also terrified after enduring such an ordeal. Yet soon as he got into the car with Obregon he quickly began to relax.

“He started showering me with kisses ” Obregon recounted. “Within a 48 hours it seemed like a complete transformation had taken place.”

Obregon took Gully to the veterinarian for a couple of days before taking him. Eventually Gully found refuge, with Obregons friend Crystal Hampton until his forever family came along.

“After a days had passed by it was as though he emerged from his shell ” Obregon shared excitedly. “His happiness and contentment were so evident that there were moments when I swear he even smiled.”

“We demonstrated to him that not all humans possess traits ” Obregon expressed. “Animals exhibit resilience and the moment he was rescued he left his past behind.”

Gully eventually discovered the home. “The latest update I received was that he is living life to the fullest ” Obregon shared.

Obregon couldn’t be happier. “This is why I am committed, to what I do ” Obregon remarked. “I must acknowledge that if it weren’t for that neighbor Gully would not be alive today. She essentially played a role, in saving his life.”