Dog Crouched Alone In Forest To Escape Cruel Whips Of Its Owner And Unexpected Ending


The dumped dog was spotted curled up in the undergrowth off Busby Lane, Middlesbrough, on October 18 by a member of the public who called the RSPCA. Animal rescue officer Ruth Thomas-Coxon said the lurcher was in poor condition and “extremely frightened”.

Ms Thomas-Coxon said: “The tan-coloured lurcher was quite weak and skinny, and extremely frightened.

“When I saw him there curled up surrounded by ivy it was a pitiful sight.”

Previous owners were traced using his microchip but they said they had sold him on three weeks earlier.

It is thought the dog, now called Bang Bang, was dumped soon after that.

Ms Thomas-Coxon said: “Thankfully the dog was microchipped and I managed to trace his previous owners who confirmed that they’d sold him on three weeks previously and had no idea he’d been abandoned.

“They signed him over into our care and we took him in.

“It’s not clear how long poor Bang Bang had been fending for himself but it appears that whoever took him on from his previous owners have cast him out fairly quickly and he’s ended up in poor condition.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of him out there on his own as the weather’s been deteriorating.

“I’m so pleased he’s safe now, getting the care he needs and can soon start his search for a loving new home.”


Bang Bang is being looked after at the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Centre.

He required veterinary treatment for a swollen back leg and also needs to put on weight.

Bang Bang will be available for rehoming once he is back to health and has been assessed.

Great Ayton Animal Centre deputy manager Olivia Duffill said: “Bang Bang is doing really well and his leg is improving every day.

“He has started to bear weight on the leg so that’s great news.

“He is such a beautiful, lovely-natured dog and he absolutely loves cuddles and spending time with our staff.

“Animal care assistant Ryan Cann has been working closely with him and they’ve got a really lovely bond.

“Once Bang Bang has recovered from his leg injury and has been fully assessed we’ll start looking for a loving new home for him and I don’t think it’ll take us long.

“He’s such a fabulous dog and he’ll make a wonderful addition to the right family.”