Dog found in holdall bag in ‘worst’ condition RSPCA inspector had ever seen


A dog was kept in the “worst, most unimaginable” condition ever seen by a RSPCA inspector in 13 years of doing the job.

Skips, a Jack Russell Terrier, was handed to the RSPCA in a holdall bag and was heavily emaciated with significant fur loss and skin disease.

She was unable to move properly making eating and drinking almost impossible, and faced “unthinkable misery”.

Unfortunately, the dog’s condition was so poor that an independent vet had no choice but to put Skips to sleep to prevent further suffering.

Her owner, Stephen David Adams, has now been banned from keeping animals.

The 61-year-old of Frank Road, Ely, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to two Animal Welfare Act offences at Cardiff Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

RSPCA Cymru investigated after receiving a call from someone who was concerned about how the dog was being treated.

When they arrived at the property the inspector was handed the dog in a holdall bag and was in a “disgusting state”.


Her owner had failed to respond to Skips’ weight loss and poor body condition, while untreated diabetes was creating further complications.


RSPCA inspector Selina Griffiths said: “This was an horrendous case to deal with, with the dog clearly facing unthinkable misery as a consequence of her condition.

“I arrived at the property, and was handed this poor Jack Russell Terrier in a blue holdall. The poor dog was practically drawing her last breath when we arrived, and had been left in a disgusting state.

“In 13 years on the frontline as an RSPCA inspector, poor Skips was in the worst, most unimaginable condition I have witnessed while working on the frontline.

“Her owner should have visited the vets many, many months before to get poor Skips the help she needed. His failure to do so has caused her a prolonged period of suffering, and agony.”