Dog Stuck Underground For Nearly Three Days Is Freed – Joy At Miracle Rescue


The dog had crawled into an unused badger’s sett near Coalville, Leicester. But the pet got stuck in thick mud in the narrow tunnels and was unable to get out for 60 hours.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene just before midday today.

The dog’s owners, who did not want to be named, raised the alarm after their beloved pet went missing in Diamond Jubilee Wood.

Firefighters were assisted by the RSPCA in freeing the whimpering animal.

They used specialist listening and locating gear and spent five hours rescuing the stricken pet.

The animal was finally freed shortly before 5pm and reunited with his relieved owners.

A Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We received a call from the dog owner asking for help.


“The dog was stuck down a badger’s sett for more than 60 hours.

“The RSPCA were also in attendance.

“Crews were mobilised with specialist listening and locating devices.

“The sound of dog was located and more resources were requested to assist with digging to release the dog.

“At 4.40pm the dog was located and rescued.

“The badger sett is believed to be non-active.”

Pictures show the dog with his head peering out of the mud before he was rescued.

In another photo, firefighters can be seen digging to release the animal.