Dog With Severe Burns Despite Odds Still Lives Happily.


Justice the Pit Bull, like most dogs, is more than meets the eye. He may not look like your typical dog, but he is impressive in his own right! He simply had a raugh start in life, which was not his fault in any way. Justice was abused and abandoned, but he survived and made his way to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter.

He finally saw what it was like to be loved and respected like all dogs should at the shelter. Justice is now finally enjoying life and beating the odds.

Justice was discovered wandering the streets of Indiana in 2018. He was about two years old and coated with severe chemical burns that appeared to have been done on purpose. It was a miracle he survived even for a short time on his own!

The organization immediately provided Justice with the medical attention he required. At first, he had to be wrapped in bandages. Then, gradually but steadily, his skin began to heal and some of his fur grew back. He’ll never look the same as he did before the tragedy, but that’s fine. The shelter staff adores him for who he is, and as it turns out, so does the rest of the world.

“He was extremely sad at first,” said Jessica Lynch, a veterinarian. “He’s certainly come a long way. He has a lot more personality today. He’s now a very cheerful, feisty little boy.”

Justice was ready for adoption after nearly a year of medical care and training. Many fans had already lined up to adopt him, including people from different states and countries! However, the shelter would only accept applications within a 100-mile radius because the vets wanted to be close by in case Justice had any extra treatments in the future.

Justice’s New Beginnings

Justice was adopted promptly, as planned, and he soon adapted into his new home. During his time in the shelter, he established a sizable fan base, so his parents continue to share updates about him on the shelter’s social media. They’ve made it obvious that, despite his ordeal, the beautiful pooch is currently enjoying life.


Because Justice had the kind of a tumultuous past, training him was a difficult undertaking. He became often obstinate and fought back when instructed what to do. That’s why an amazing dog trainer named Lexi worked tirelessly with him for more than a year to train him. He gradually grew in love with her, and he is now lot more prepared to comply.

Every day, Justice becomes more at ease in his own home. He’s much more affectionate than he used to be, and he even asks his adoring parents for belly rubs. Rolling over may appear to be a little gesture, yet it is a sign of weakness in most dogs. Having his tummy caressed demonstrates that Justice fully trusts his humans. He knows that he will never be hurt again while he is with them.

Justice for the sake of Justice

Since its inception, the shelter has worked tirelessly to determine who was responsible for Justice’s abuse. The prize for this person’s conviction began at $5,000 and has since increased to $20,000.

Unfortunately, the case is not yet closed, but numerous anonymous tips have helped bring the shelter closer. They identified a person who used to have Justice, and Justice’s name at the time was “Roscoe.” The individual stated that they gave Justice away prior to the incident, however it is uncertain whether they are telling the truth or not. In any case, there is not sufficient proof to prosecute anyone for this heinous crime.