Dog’S Special Love For Woman Who Freed Him From The Leash After 7 Years


In life, there are different seasons. Sometimes, we’re okay. Sometimes, we’re not.

But in every season, we hope that we choose to be kind and considerate not only to our loved ones but also to our pets.

This is the story of Rem – 7 years a prisoner. Rem was on a chain for seven long years. He was frozen.

His owner tied him up and the family just left him there.

Rem has been suffering in poor conditions for seven years.

Fortunately, he was rescued and we can’t help but be touched by his gratitude.

Rem was thankful. He licked the hand of his rescuer in the sweetest manner, showing how thankful he was to finally be free.

After the rescue, they went to vet immediately for check-up.

You can see in the video how happy Rem was in the clinic and how he welcomed the staff’s attention as well.

Rem is such a good boy. He can mingle right away with other dogs in the street. He really missed being happy.

The seven years of imprisonment are finally over and Rem will have an opportunity to have a better family.

After 25 days of rescue, Rem is now in a good shape and able to walk better.

Dogs make us feel less alone. But did you know that dogs make us feel less alone and lonely?

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can be there for you even when people can’t.


They offer love without judgment, emotional support during our downfall, and constant cuddles that help every day.

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute conducted a national poll of pet owners and non-pet owners.

It found that 85% of respondents agreed that spending time with pets helps people feel less lonely.

Most people concur that interactions between people and their pets can reduce social isolation.

Pet’s do a person good.

But if life happens and you can’t take care of the dog that you committed to take care of in the first place, you always have a choice to do the following.

Don’t abandon your dog. Instead, reach out to your friends or family members to see if they can adopt your dog.

Reach out to people who are familiar with your dog.

If there’s no one in your circle to take care of the dog, you can ask them for any recommendations to take your dog.

If no one still wants to adopt your dog, ask for help from any local reputable rescue group.

Through these easy steps, you can give your dog a better life.

A life that your dog deserves.