Drunk dog owner left pet with cigarette burns and unable to open its mouth


A careless drunk left her poor dog with cigarette burns on its skin and unable to open its mouth.

Buster, a cross breed, was found by the RSPCA with a severe ear infection, skin lesions and a jaw muscle condition at a house in Stockton, Durham.

They discovered the poor dog when Nicola Poppleton, the owner, was drunk and started a fight with a group of people.

Poppleton was due to appear at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to answer four charges of causing suffering to an animal.

The charges date from January 15 to April 17.

However, the 38-year-old failed to attend court but the charges were found proved in her absence.

Stewart Haywood, prosecuting, told the court the RSPCA were called to the road where Poppleton lived, with Buster being found in “poor health”.


He said: “The officer noticed there were a number of lesions consistent with cigarette burns.

“There was muscle wastage to his head and he could barely open his jaw.

“The inspector tried to speak to the defendant, who was drunk.”

According to the Mail Online, the RSPCA inspector couldn’t speak with Poppleton for a long amount of time because she had got into a fight – with a group of people “who were in a similar state”.

After further talks Poppleton eventually let the RSPCA take Buster.

He was taken to the vet who determined the dog had been suffering from his injury’s for around three months.

Despite the vet giving him painkillers, he was still unable to open him mouth wider than 3cm.