Dumped to die in a bag for life: Bald puppy with no fur to save her from freezing weather


Miraculously, the 10 week old pup was discovered before she perished in the freezing, snowy conditions.

Not only was the the puppy ravenous with hunger, she was also suffering from a chronic skin condition that left her without fur to protect her from the cold.

Pictures show how the pink-skinned puppy looked more like festive poultry than a pet.

Animal cruelty investigators are now fearful for the puppy’s littermates after she was found alone in a Sports Direct Bag for Life in woods near Ingleby Barwick, North Yorkshire, last week.

Virtually bald, covered in scabs and also painfully thin, the puppy would have struggled to survive when she was found in sub-freezing temperatures.

A few hours later five inches of snow fell on the spot where she was rescued.

RSPCA Inspector Kristina Raine, who is investigating how the puppy was abandoned in such poor condition, said: “The weather was freezing at about minus two and later, with five inches of snow, there is no way she would have survived through the night.”


“She has quite severe demodectic mange which has caused the scabs and fur loss.

“The poor mite looked more like a Christmas turkey than a puppy.

“She isn’t microchipped and was freezing cold and hungry when they brought her in.

“She was found inside the Sports Direct bag which was covered in glitter from Christmas decorations with an old curtain inside.”

Because Elle is so small and bald, it has been impossible to determine her breed.

She is now drinking and feeding and has been receiving treatment for her skin condition.

It is hoped that she will able to go to foster carers when she is well enough before being eventually rehomed.

Inspector Raine added: “As she is only about 10-weeks-old, we are also very concerned about the rest of the litter and the other puppies who could be in a similar situation.

“Someone must recognise this puppy, or have some information about her.”