Fateful Meeting: Dog Carrying A Deadly Bullet And 2Nd Journey To Find Life


At one point in his life, Sanford was a “broken dog” but then things changed and he’s become a smiling little pupper.

His foster mom, Karen Velazquez, pointed out that he’s the happiest dog she’s ever met.

“I am presently on my 52nd foster, and I can genuinely say that I’ve never had anyone as jovial as him,” Velazquez told The Dodo. “He looks at me in a way that no other animal or human has ever looked at me, including my own pets. Essentially, the only time he is not smiling is when he is asleep or eating.”

Prior to Velazquez caring for Sanford, he was a rescue who animal control had taken in after he was hit by a car and was left unable to walk. In addition, he had a bullet wound in his right hind leg.

He was taken to a small municipal shelter in Dallas, Texas, where he stayed for a week. However, the shelter had limited resources so he was unable to receive any medical attention while he was there.

Dallas DogRRR, a local rescue group, found him and the volunteer who went to see him knew that he needed her.

Kerry Anechiarico, executive director of Dallas DogRRR, said to The Dodo, “He was physically broken … and when the volunteer went to see him, he didn’t really make any effort to come and say hello. It’s almost like he had given up, and he was just waiting for his time to come.”


However, the biggest change occurred when Sanford was first sent into foster care with Velazquez.

“He came to my home on May 1, just a few days after he was released from the hospital,” Velazquez said. “He has been all smiles ever since. I think the minute he came to my home, he realized he was in a safe place.”

Sanford, or Sanfee as Velazquez nicknamed him, soon got into the routine of eating home-cooked meals, going for daily walks, as well as playing with Velazquez and her other dogs.

At 10 years old, Sanford is considered a senior — but he doesn’t act his age.

“He’s pretty much a normal dog for a senior of 10 years,” Anechiarico said. “He’s like the older gentleman that you see in a nursing home. He may be 95 years old, but he acts like he’s in his 50s.”

“He’ll be a great family dog,” Anechiarico added. “He’ll get along with other dogs and all humans. He even does well with kids.”

She further stated, “He’s the perfect companion dog that you can come home to. He’ll wag his tail and greet you, and he’ll just keep you company for the rest of the day. He’s just a happy-go-lucky dog now.”