Fury As Woman Drags Dog Along Concrete On Her Mobility Scooter


Disturbing footage of a dog being dragged along a road by a woman driving a mobility scooter has left online viewers outraged.

The harrowing video shows the little pup being dragged on its side as the person in the mobility scooter does not seem to realise what is going on.

There is some evident tension between the dog and the long leash as the collar can be seen riding up the dog’s neck.


As the horrific footage was filmed, the person taking the video from a nearby car shouts to alert the nonchalant woman as to what is going on behind her.

They can be heard screaming: “You are hurting your dog. The dog’s going to die. You are hitting the kerb.”

While it remains unclear what age the woman was, she can be seen looking directly at the camera, before seemingly turning away and muttering something inaudible.

The possibly middle-aged or elderly woman then carries up along up the road in the Erdington area of Birmingham – as if nothing had happened.


After being shared by the Birmz Is Grime blog on Twitter, the clip has caused widespread fury and anger, with many calling for the woman to be found.

On the social media site, the blog captioned the footage: “Who is this person? This dog needs to be found and rescued”.

One person commented on the video: “Why has no one stopped her?”

And another put: “Has this been reported. It’s horrific.”

While a third wrote: “Poor dog. I hope they find the lady driving and take the dog off her.”

One said: “absolutely disgusting. I really hope the Dog is ok,” while another simply added: “That’s sickening.”

When the RSPCA were approached for a comment by The Mirror, their spokesperson said: “This video is very shocking to see.