He Can Not Stop Shaking In Pain And Cold, They Left Them At The Trash Like Garbage


They abandoned them at the trash like garbage, leaving them trembling in pain and the cold.

Abandoned in a dumpster beside trash bags and an old watermelon, two little black and tan puppies sat peacefully . They looked to blend in, barely able to protrude their heads above the debris.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan observed them and reported them to environmental officials in Spartanburg, South Carolina, who hurried to the site.

Soon after, the Greenville Humane Society phone started ringing.

“We got a phone asking if we would be willing to take them,” Rachel Delport, Greenville Humane Society chief executive officer, told The Dodo. “And of course, we said yes.”

Delport was disappointed that someone could leave a helpless animal alone in the trash.

“It’s heartbreaking to see people who don’t take the required efforts to treat animals the way they need to be treated,” she said.

The puppies, eventually named Dash& Dina, were glad to be safe with people who cared about them. Their personalities began to shine — they became considerably more loud, loving any attention they could get.


“Once they came here, they were quite ready for some cuddles,” Delport said. “they got loads of toys and attention.”

The humane society assured Dash& Dina had all the resources necessary to make them outstanding prospects for adoption, and even arranged up photographs shoot for them.

Soon enough, Dash& Dina were ready to find a family that would love them forever, and Delport is convinced they’ll find one soon.

“There’s been a lot of curiosity, a lot of people contacting asking how they are doing,” Delport added. “The community is rooting for them and wants the best for them.”