He Was Chained And Left There Due To Illness, Could Only Crawl Around And Cry


“This is the footage that made us cry when we recieved it..”

The dog was chained to the post and could only crawl around it. Someone would occasionally bring him food and assist him in surviving.

“We went to him as quickly as possible that day. They kidnapped him and named him Atrey.”

His hind legs had atrophied, and examinations revealed that he had a compression tumor in his spine, as well as lung dirofilaria.

The scenario went months, and no one helped him. His hind legs were really weak, yet when they brought him toys, he appeared to ignore the agony and play like a child.

He needed to prepare for surgery to remove the tumor, which required him to be in a good mood.

The tumor was sent for pathological evaluation by the veterinarians. During a difficult week, they had to wait for the results.

Fortunately, the tumor proved benign, which was good news. He was being healed with easy exercises, and he was learning to walk with the assistance of a wheelchair.


Atrey’s sutures were removed after 12 days. He tried his hardest with all his might and never gave up.

Atrey was transferred to a hydrotherapy class 9 months later. His back muscles were quite weak and required extensive work.

It was a process that demanded everyone’s patience, and the results were not what was expected after over a year of rehearsing in various locations. He could stand and walk a bit, but most tasks required a wheelchair.

He’ll be able to walk again. Never, ever quit up. It is returning to him, although it may take some time. Thank you very much for your time and work. He’ll be able to walk again.

I feel terrible and heartache seeing this video, but knowing that this dog is being cared for, at least this dog may have a life under care.