Heartbreaking Moment Frozen Dog Was Carried 6 Miles Down The Mountain Waiting For Rescue


As pet lovers, we all know that losing our dog is painful. But much more painful is when you lose a pet and are not able to say goodbye.

Thankfully, we have social media where we can post our lost pets.

But what if you lose your pet on a mountain?

That’s what happened here.

The Goetelen family had this experience.

They went for a hike with their two dogs in the Wicklow mountains one Saturday morning.

Then, they lost their dogs.
Harley, a 3 years old German Shepherd and an 8-year-old Golden Retriever named Naoise were suddenly nowhere in sight.

After a day, they went on searching and they found Harley in a parking lot, but Naoise was nowhere to be found.

Her owners feared the worst.

The Wicklow Mountains, according to Britannica, are an extensive mountain range in County Wicklow, Ireland, forming part of the Leinster Chain.

The mountain area comprises a vast anticline with granite exposed at the center, and slates and sandstones surrounding.

During winter, they’re covered with ice.

Due to the mountain situation at that time, the Goetelen family assumed they should expect the worst- that Naoise was already gone.

Then, heroes dressed as hikers came.
However, Jean-Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan, two doctors who love to hike, realized there was something in a rock.


They were about to reach the top of the mountain when they noticed a weak and cold dog.

The golden retriever could not walk or bark.

It was Naoise.
Jean and Ciara wrapped Naoise with clothes and used their skills as doctors to keep the dog safe.

They gave Naoise a snack.

Then, they carried her down the mountain.
In the story published by Irish Time, Ciara used a scarf to attach Naoise to Jean’s backpack.

They continued their journey carrying the dog.

Though it took them four to five hours, they carried Naoise over 6 miles down the mountain.

They brought the dog to their house, fed her and warmed her up, and contacted the local animal rescue group, which tracked down her owners.

Naoise is finally home.
Ciara called the Goetelen family and bring the good news to the family.

At first, they couldn’t believe that Naoise survived the icy mountain, but they were relieved to see her alive.

Naoise couldn’t contain her happiness seeing her family after two weeks of painful experience.