Hero Pit Bull Saves Chihuahua Friend From Drowning In Pool


Dogs are such smart and attentive animals — they have great instincts and will often step up to help those in need, whether they be human or animal.

That was the case recently, after one smart pittie saved a Chihuahua from drowning in a swimming pool.

Janaina Leite, from São Paulo, Brazil, is the owner of several pet dogs including Pulma, a 3-month-old, Chihuahua, and Athena, a 5-year-old pittie.

According to the New York Post, Athena likes to keep watch from a special spot on her pool deck, like a lifeguard.

But Athena’s vigilance saved the day recently, after Pulma fell into the pool. Security video shows the little dog flailing and struggling in the water.

But then, Athena runs in to save the day.

The alert pittie gets into the pool and grabs Pulma in her mouth, keeping her from drowning.


Soon after, the owner ran to the pool deck. She says that the dogs were unharmed by the ordeal, and thanked Athena for being such a protective doggie sister.

“It was a big scare. [But] thanks to her, and God, Pulma was unharmed,” Janaina Leite told The Dodo. “Athena is very affectionate and protective of her siblings. She is very special.”

And after seeing her precious Chihuahua pup nearly drown, she says she’s taking steps to prevent any more accidents.

“We are looking into putting some protection around the pool,” she added. “This certainly will not happen again. We love our fur babies.”

Thank you to smart dog Athena for saving Pulma from drowning! You’re a true hero!

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