Horrifying A Dog 100% Covered In Lifeless Asphalt And Unexpected Ending


f it wasn’t for people who go out of their way to do everything they can to rescue animals in trouble, lots of them would end up badly harmed. Or worse. An Argentinian not-for-profit organization called “Proyecto 4 Patas” and some locals recently rescued a dog named Aloe who was completely covered in tar. She couldn’t move even an inch and it was a group of kids who alerted people to the animal’s plight.

Fortunately, members of the organization took it upon themselves to help poor Aloe out. It took 8 volunteers 9 hours of nonstop work, 50 liters of oil, and 3 baths to completely clean the doggo.

The silver lining was that Aloe is now healthy and safe, and the problem showed how determined and ready to help the people of Libertad in Buenos Aires really are! From the local kids and neighbors to the police and firefighters, nearly everyone who was there lent a helping hand. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with “Proyecto 4 Patas.”

The organization “Proyect 4 Patas” has over 313k followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million fans on Facebook. A lot of people support them because they stand against animal experimentation or using animals as clothing, for food, and entertainment.

A representative of “Proyecto 4 Patas” told Bored Panda that “Aloe is now feeling great, she is such a lovely dog.” According to the organization, Aloe “loves eating absolutely everything, and she follows us around all day, all she wants is to give love and receive it. Everyone here is just crazy about her.”

“Right now we are focusing on getting her healthy, she is really thin. Eventually, we will be looking for her forever family.”


“Proyecto 4 Patas” told us that they have been helping dogs and cats in all kinds of emergency situations for the last 13 years. “But we never have found a dog in Aloe’s situation. We just can’t imagine how much she had suffered, the desperation of not being able to move for so long.”

“When we were cleaning her, we were so afraid that she could die at any time, but after the first bath, she seems to relax so much. She knew we were trying to help her. After we finished, we thought that she would be exhausted and let her sleep, but no, all she wanted was to stay near us and cuddle. Aloe has truly reborn that night, and she has ahead of her a great life. She deserves it, just like all the dogs in the world.”

According to the organization, all animals must be guaranteed basic rights, including the right to life and the right not to suffer.

That involves fighting against those who would hurt animals for no reason. It’s still unclear if Aloe fell into the pit full of pitch or if somebody pushed her in.

If you encounter an animal covered in tar, you should immediately contact an animal right group or the local authorities who will know exactly what to do.

However, if nobody is around to help you, then massaging lots of vegetable oil into the animal’s body will loosen the tar and help clean in. However, you should avoid kerosene because will most likely damage the poor animal’s skin.