Horrifying picture showing dog shot with two arrows and left covered in blood sparks outrage – but brave pup makes amazing recovery


ANIMAL rights campaigners have rescued a dog after a Chinese meat trade hunter shot it TWICE with arrows.

Dog lover Qiao Wei spotted the creature in Chengdu, China and took it to hospital where it began it make a recovery.

He has since been described as a “hero” for saving the dog, but the disturbing image he shared of it being pierced with two arrows upset activists around the world.

Rose Gardiner wrote on Facebook: “I am so glad he was saved, but my heart breaks for the million who are still suffering.”

Charlotte Roberts posted: “Another initially upsetting story with a positive and happy ending.”

The image of the dog suffering was shared by the Facebook group Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection.

They wrote: “The dog that was shot by dog thief with two arrows piecing its shoulder and neck was rescued by Chengdu’s Qimin Small Animal Protection.


“Qiao Wei, the hero who rescued the dog, was on the way to the hospital with the poor dog.

“The suffering of the dog angered millions of animal lovers in China.

“In the last 12 hours, thousands of people asked about the dog. The dog was also in the prayers of animal lovers around the world.

“The dog meat trade [is] an industry that is socially destabilising, reputation damaging, and morally repulsive.

“The dog meat trade is the source of suffering to millions of dogs and tens of millions of animal lovers in China.

“China can never be a world leader if this barbaric trade is not outlawed.”