Incredible Moment Pet Dog Saves Owner’S Life From Death Of Flying Toyota


Astonishing footage shows the moment a dog pulled its owner out of the path of an out-of-control truck just in time.

Kimberley Bridges, 35, was walking her boxer-staffie Orla in Castleford, West Yorkshire when the 4×4 came hurtling down the road, almost mowing her down.

Orla reacted quickly and dodged out of the way of the black Toyota Hilux as it swerved off the road and onto the pavement where the two were walking.

The truck missed Kimberley by millimeters as it careered down the road at 70mph, and she said she could even feel the windmirror brush past her.

Kimberley said the car mounted the pavement, hit a traffic island and then collided with another car.

Fortunately, Kimberley walked away from the frightening close call unharmed.

She added she was just glad the crazy driving had happened before the area was full of children from the local schools.

The telecoms worker said: ‘I just froze in fear. All I could see was this huge truck hurtling towards me. I thought “there is no way I will survive this”.

‘He was driving like a maniac… As the car came towards me all I could see was this huge shape.’


‘I would have been a goner if the dog had not bolted while I had the lead tied around my wrist.

‘Even so, I felt the wing mirror brush against my back side. If I had ducked it would have taken my head off.

‘The car went past in a blur and just vanished. The next thing I heard was a woman screaming as I tried to catch my breath.

‘The woman he hit first had her car spun onto the pavement but she was ok.

‘If it had happened half and hour later the pavement would have been packed with kids going to school.

‘He was doing at least 70mph in a 30 limit. Then I heard as he drove away he nearly ran over a mother with a pram.’

The car involved in the incident sped off and was later found abandoned in the nearby town of Pontefract.

West Yorkshire Police said: ‘Police are investigating reports of dangerous driving and criminal damage on Holywell Lane, Castleford on 22 July.

‘Positive lines of enquiries are being carried out. Enquiries are ongoing.’