Khaleesi, A Stray Dog ​​From The Streets Of Bulgaria, Never Had The Life She Deserved


Khaleesi, a stray dog ​​from the streets of Bulgaria, never had the life she deserved. Abandoned as a puppy, Khaleesi grew up hungry and alone, but she fought for her life every day.

When animal rescuers Diane and Tony found Khaleesi, the dog was barely alive. She was in a tragic condition – starving, struggling with many diseases and begging for a little love and attention.

Khaleesi was emaciated and had lost her fur. The couple was surprised that they managed to survive for so long. Her body was covered with ticks and fleas, her ear was torn and her front leg was broken.

“People warned me not to touch her. Everyone ignored her. It’s terrible because she was on the verge of death,” Tony admitted.

“Tony called her and she came immediately. She was terribly desperate and wanted contact at all costs. He’s one of the saddest cases we’ve ever seen,” Diane recalls.

Even though it seemed like the dog’s fate couldn’t be reversed, Tony and Diane did their best to change it. Taken to the clinic, she immediately received the necessary care.

The female dog’s treatment has started. Regular baths with special products and antibiotics meant that Khaleesi slowly began to recover.


As soon as she was strong enough, she immediately went for her first walk around the neighborhood. Although still a little uncertain, the dog began to believe that her fate had finally changed.

The veterinarians made every effort to cure the dog. In addition to the necessary medications, her broken paw was also treated.

Even though her paw was in a cast, Khaleesi began to make new friends with other dogs and eagerly played with them.

Not only her appearance has changed, but also her behavior. Just look how she looks now and how happy she is!

Just a month after treatment, the dog regained her coat and health. Today he is a wonderful dog, and the times of hunger and loneliness are just a memory.

The most important thing, however, is that Khaleesi received the love and care she so desperately wanted. Thanks to this, she recovered much faster.

Who would have thought that this poor dog on the verge of death would transform into a joyful beauty?