Little Dog Broke Down In Tears When Reunited With Mother Cow Who Raised Him


Rookie’s birth mother died when he was a very little puppy. He was fortunate in that he never had to be alone because he grew up on a farm where he could seek love and comfort from the other animals. He was strongly drawn to the two cows, particularly to one of them in particular.

The tiny orphan developed a strong bond with one of the cows and began to regard her as if she were his mother.

And the cow was only too eager to give Rookie the motherly affection he so much needed. Rookie would snuggle up to his bovine mum and take lengthy, comfortable naps on her back, and the two became virtually inseparable.

Apart from their outward looks, they were just like any other mother and son combo, playing, cuddling, and passionately licking each other.

Rookie and the cow’s friendship had become so deep and strong after two years of living and loving each other that neither of them could contemplate life without the other.

However, there was trouble looming on the horizon.

The owners of Rookie could no longer afford to keep both cows and had to make the painful decision to sell one.

When they took his mother out of the barn, Rookie knew she wasn’t coming back. T he little puppy began barking furiously, but to no avail.


The cow was moved to a farm nearby. Though any distance was too far for Rookie.

As soon as the cow had been taken away, he ran out to look for her.


He tracked her down in a farm near his house after hearing her voice.

Rookie and his mother were ecstatic to see each other, but their joy was fleeting.

Rookie’s owner found him and carried him back to his house, angry and in pain.

Rookie’s owners assumed that the surviving cow would be enough to keep him content, but the puppy yearned for his mother.

Without her, he grew depressed, barely ate, and spent much of his time crying, whining and howling.

Eventually, his family realized that they simply could not keep Rookie and his mom apart anymore.

It was evident that the little puppy would never be able to recover from his ordeal. He was enamored with her.

As a result, they decided to return home with the cow.

Rookie couldn’t believe his eyes when he met his mother.

He burst out laughing and ran over to greet her.

The cow was happy to see her kid again, and it was evident that their attachment is genuine and deep, despite the fact that they are of different species.

It serves as a nice reminder that love isn’t concerned with superficial distinctions.

The cow was also overjoyed to be reunited with her little baby, and it was clear that even though they are different species, their bond is real and strong.