Man Stops To Buy A Soda And Ends Up Saving A Dog In The Process


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to rescue a dog before, you realize that it is a two-way street. We may give the dog a good home, plenty of food, and a family but they end up giving us love beyond compare.

Nobody knows this better than BJ Nemeth. He is known for traveling around and reporting on poker tournaments throughout the United States with his trusty companion, Brisco.

The two of them are rarely seen without each other and you can follow them on Twitter, where Brisco has his own page.

BJ loves dogs and perhaps it was fate that he would meet up with a pooch that would steal his heart. It happened when BJ was heading home to Atlanta and he stopped to get a soda in Alabama. As he was walking up to the vending machine, he saw a dog that was laying underneath the machine.

It was obvious that the dog needed some assistance and at first, he was afraid that the dog might be dead. Speaking with The Dodo, he said: “I took a picture on my phone so the flash would light up, and she just leaned up and looked right at me.”

It was easy to see that the dog was in need of some companionship. The area where he had stopped for a soda was rather remote and there weren’t any homes within miles in any direction.

That is when BJ realized that the animal was truly alone. Somebody must have dropped her off along the side of the road and she had found her way to the only area where she knew people might be nearby.

BJ knew that if he didn’t take care of the dog, nobody would and he was determined he would not leave him. He even bought the dog some goldfish crackers from a vending machine.

BJ took some pictures and uploaded them to Twitter. It wasn’t long before the story went viral and people were in love with the dog found by the vending machine.


The dog continued to stick to BJ as he bought him more food and went to get a towel out of the car. He wanted the dog to have a comfortable place to rest, and he helped “Soda-Pup” into the backseat.

In the meantime, he had called his wife to look up animal shelters and to do what they could to find his new companion some assistance.

He still had quite a distance to go before he got to Atlanta, and it wasn’t long before Soda-Pup had worked his way into his heart.

When they finally got back to Atlanta, he was concerned that his dog at home, Brisco, would not behave himself. Brisco isn’t always good with other dogs so he kept him separated from Soda-Pup.

On the following day, Soda-Pup was taken to the veterinarian. She was vaccinated, spayed, and treated for some slight injuries. The vet told BJ that the dog was about four years old.

Through it all, Soda-Pup continued to show her beautiful personality. BJ realized that she wasn’t a wild dog because she was too healthy for that. That being said, she didn’t have a microchip or a collar and didn’t like being on a leash.

Soda-Pup began to make herself more and more at home with BJ. He did what he could to find her a home that would be appropriate.

According to <a href=”Dodo, he The Dodo, he was able to find a widow in Dallas, Texas, who was a family friend. He said: “I really like the idea of her going to someone who needs her just as much as she needs them.”