Outrage: Tragic Dog With Cancer Is Tied To Death By Callous Abusers


The abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier finally collapsed, leaving shocked animals lovers to stay by his side as the RSPCA came to his rescue.

Sadly, unlike most abandoned pets saved by the animal welfare charity, this terrier faces an uncertain future.

Vets are doing all they can to make him comfortable after scans revealed he was not only underweight, depressed and lethargic but also suffering from a severe form of cancer.

The brindle and white coated terrier has been nicknamed Bert and is being cared for at the charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital, although he is described as being in a very bad way.

Today the charity’ investigators were trying to find out who abandoned Bert as well as praising the passersby who looked after the dog when he collapsed in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London, on Wednesday night.

At first, people thought Bert had been tied to the railings temporarily with a black rope when he was first noticed at around 8pm, but when they spotted him collapsed a short while later they alerted the RSPCA.

An animal welfare officer took Bert, who also had a bloated belly and overgrown nails, to the veterinary hospital where emergency scans revealed he has terminal cancer.

RSPCA Inspector Jemima Cooper is trying to find out who abandoned the dog.


She said: “I find it unbelievably sad that an extremely sick dog who was in desperate need of veterinary attention was left alone to fend for himself. Sadly, vets have found he is riddled with cancer, and though they are doing all they can to make him comfortable, right now, he is in a very bad way.

“We’re still trying to find out more at this stage as to who dumped him and why. He had a microchip but there do not appear to be any details registered, so we’re asking the public if they happened to see anything on Wednesday that might help our investigations, or if they recognise the dog.

“The people who found him were really kind and kept him with them safely at a nearby pub until we arrived.

“He’s a very friendly, affectionate older boy which makes it so much harder to understand why somebody thought the right course of action was to abandon him at a park, at a time when he needed them the most. It’s heart breaking.”