Poor Dog Abandoned, for Months Wandering in Hunger and Thirst, in Bad Condition, in Need of Help but Very Afraid of People


In response to a distress call, our hearts were touched by the plight of a poor dog who had been wandering the streets for over seven long months.

The dog was in a pitiable condition, terrified of humans, and remained elusive, making it difficult for anyone to approach her. However, after days of unwavering effort, we finally managed to secure the sweet girl, ensuring her safety and a chance at a better life.

This young pup, named Akia, was approximately six months old and bore the scars of a challenging existence. She was utterly terrified, unfamiliar with the concept of a home or the comforting touch of a kind hand.

Akia had survived on meager scraps of food and had minimal human interaction, leaving her emotionally and physically deprived.

The journey towards recovery, both physical and mental, was undoubtedly long, but we were determined to provide Akia with the second chance she deserved.

On Day 1, we named her Akia, meaning “little love” in Japanese. Akia found solace in much-needed rest, yet she remained hesitant even to meet the gaze of a human, let alone engage in any form of physical contact or communication.

As the days progressed, we took Akia to the vet, where her fear and apprehension were palpable. We left her under their care for the night, understanding that her time at the clinic was essential for her path to recovery. On Day 3, Akia returned home with us, although her experience at the vet had been distressing.

Her fear-driven response resulted in biting, highlighting the deep-seated anxiety she carried. X-rays revealed no fractures, but stones were found in her stomach. Bloodwork indicated anemia and low white blood cell count, expected given her circumstances. Moreover, Akia had to combat both sarcoptic and demodex mange, along with potentially deadly hookworms.

By Day 15, Akia’s behavior showed no significant changes, but her appetite remained robust. It was encouraging to witness her completing her antibiotics, which had begun to work wonders. The itching subsided, facial sores began to heal, and her fur gradually started regrowing.


Day 20 marked a breakthrough as Akia allowed humans to pet her, a moment that filled our hearts with hope. Her transformation continued to unfold, and she soon transitioned to a new foster home on Day 25.

With each passing day, Akia made remarkable progress. By Day 35, her fur had almost completely returned, and her physical transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. It was evident that she was ready to embark on her journey towards finding a forever home. Training sessions and desensitization exercises helped Akia overcome her fears, and she gained weight steadily.

On Day 100, Akia confidently ventured outside, enjoying the simple pleasures of feeling the grass beneath her paws and basking in the warmth of the sun.

She continued to thrive and embrace her newfound joy, even engaging in playful interactions with her foster siblings. As Day 150 arrived, it was time for Akia, now lovingly named Keiki, to bid farewell to her foster family and embark on a new chapter in her forever home in Wisconsin.

Keiki had undergone an incredible transformation, and her progress was a testament to the power of love, patience, and unwavering dedication.

No longer emaciated or fearful, she radiated happiness and embraced her new family with open paws. Keiki’s playful nature, infectious goofiness, and affectionate personality had won the hearts of her adoptive family, especially her “big sissy,” Maggie.

We are grateful to have been a part of Keiki’s story, witnessing her journey from a frightened soul to a source of endless joy. With her loyal companionship and love for the snowy landscapes of upper Michigan, Keiki now relishes a life full of happiness that she truly deserves.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supported Keiki’s journey, reminding us of the transformative power of compassion and perseverance.

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