Poor Dog Chases After Owner’s Car After Being Abandoned At The Roadside


The good and bad sides of human behavior was on display recently in Bakersfield, California.

The victim of a couple’s unfortunate and illegal actions was a family pet. A seemingly playful dog who mistook cruelty for affection.

Fortunately, for the animal, a good Samaritan happened to show up on the scene.

Stephen Sage Silver came upon a couple who were in the process of abandoning their pet alongside a road near Lake Ming.

Sage watched the interaction between the couple and the dog.

When he saw the man repeatedly hit the dog in the face, in an effort to get the dog to stay away from him, Sage began to question the man’s actions.

The man and Silver exchanged words. Realizing that he was witnessing animal cruelty, Silver decided to record a video of what was happening at the side of the road.

The heartbreaking scene that unfolded was of a couple who were in the process of dumping their former companion on the side of the road.

The dog looked as if it thought the man wanted to play. It kept coming back to the car, only to be repeatedly pushed away.


Silver quickly realized what was going on, but knew he could not do anything to force the man to keep his dog.

He expressed his anger at what he was witnessing as the man seemed to rage that the dog would not just go away.

He finally tossed the dog into the middle of the road, got back into his car, and he and his passenger left the area.

This horrible scene could have resulted in yet another stray, hungry animal roaming the streets, or worse.

Thankfully for the dog, Silver demonstrated the compassion any reasonable person would show by contacting Kern County Animal Services.

They arrived on the scene, retrieved the dog and took it back to their facility. They are looking for a home for the animal.

Silver has since posted his video on Facebook in an attempt to locate the couple who abandoned their dog so that they may face justice for their actions.