Poor Dog, Thin and Weak, Abandoned on the Side of the Road, Full of Wounds, Hungry, Trying to Wag His Tail, Begging for Help


During a casual lunch with friends, my day took an unexpected turn when an urgent call for help reached me. A concerned lady on the other end of the line asked if we could assist a dog in her neighborhood.

Without hesitation, we abandoned our meal and rushed to the scene, unaware of the heartbreaking sight that awaited us.

As I laid eyes on the emaciated and starved dog lying on the ground, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Despite his skeletal frame, he still managed to wag his tail, a sign of his unwavering spirit.

With a heavy heart, we immediately took him to the veterinarian at 14:00, as he was on the brink of collapse.

The lady had noticed the dog just the day before, suggesting that he had recently been abandoned. The evidence of neglect was glaring, with multiple open wounds marring his fragile body. One particular wound on his right eye appeared to be caused by scalding hot water.

Miraculously, even in his weakened state, he displayed remarkable behavior and showed no signs of aggression or biting. However, his tear-filled eyes spoke volumes about the suffering he had endured.

Thankfully, the blood test results were more promising than anticipated. After 72 hours of intensive care, the veterinary team was confident that he would begin to recover. Additionally, they addressed the burden of parasites that plagued his body.

Surprisingly, Yazoo, as we would come to call him, seemed surprisingly calm and cooperative during the medical bathing process. However, he struggled to regulate his body temperature and continued to shiver uncontrollably.


After 14 hours, a glimmer of hope emerged as Yazoo’s condition improved, and he was able to consume some food. It was an encouraging sign, even though he still relied on medication.

That night, as he peacefully slept, a sense of joy washed over me. Upon awakening, Yazoo’s body temperature had stabilized, and his appetite had significantly improved. He could now finish an entire bowl of food.

While occasional shivers persisted, Yazoo’s overall progress was evident. The wound on his right eye began to heal, offering hope for a brighter future. With his newfound name, Yazoo, he continued to eat well and sleep soundly, indicating his gradual return to a state of normalcy.

The journey to recovery for Yazoo is far from over, but his story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of compassion.

Through the dedicated efforts of the veterinary team and caring individuals, Yazoo’s life has taken a positive turn. With each passing day, his strength grows, and it is only a matter of time before he blossoms into a happy and healthy dog.

Yazoo’s tale serves as a reminder of the importance of animal welfare and the profound impact that a little care and kindness can have on a life in need. As he continues on his journey, let us celebrate his resilience and support the countless others who require our help and compassion.

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