Puppy dumped and left for dead… but transformation is AMAZING


A puppy dumped in a kennel with her dead sisters has been given a new life after being adopted – by the RSPCA inspector who rescued her.

‘Biscuit’ was discovered by residents in an alley off Grange Road North in Runcorn on October 9 prompting an emergency call to the RSPCA.

Lisa Lupson, 39, had been an inspector with the charity for 12 years but the scene was one of the worst she had encountered, with the smell of decomposition hitting her as she neared the wooden kennel and a pair of ‘frightened eyes’ peering from its gloomy death-filled interior.

Emaciated, terrified and riddled with severe mange, the dog’s breed and age were unrecognisable at first and she was wracked with fear.

But after rushing the pup to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, inspector Lisa and the dog struck up a bond as the pup began to brighten up, wagging her tail when Lisa gave her a biscuit, giving Biscuit her name.

She has now been identified as a spaniel-cross aged just five months old, but Biscuit has now undergone an amazing transformation in her loving new home with Lisa’s husband Mike, their two children, along with an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador called Tilly and their rescue cat Poppy.

Biscuit is settling in in time for Christmas and has come a long way in the two months since she was discovered on October 9.

That was when dog lover and Runcorn resident Gareth Forshaw’s pet Cavalier King Charles called Lily began barking out of the window at something, prompting him to investigate.

Despite Lisa’s decade of experience as an inspector and warnings from bystanders, the sight that confronted her that night was still upsetting.

She said: “Some residents had come across the tragic scene and they told me the situation so I felt as prepared as I could be.

“But as I approached the kennel the smell of decomposition hit me immediately. It was terrible.

“Then as I got closer I could just see the shadow of a terrified dog lying on top of two decomposing bodies.


“These frightened eyes were peering out at me desperately looking for help and I knew then we had connected.

“I had no idea what kind of dog was in the kennel or the age or anything but it was heartbreaking and I just melted when I saw her.

“This poor dog was so ill and was so frightened, she still wanted to be with the dead dogs which we believe were her sisters.

“It must have been horrendous for her to be there all that time not knowing what would happen to her – and she was so loyal she wanted to stay with them.”

When Lisa coaxed the dog out of the kennel and away from her sisters she could see what a poor condition she was in: balding due to mange, and starving.

Recalling the time the pair cemented their relationship at the animal hospital, Lisa said: “She was absolutely terrified and shaking, which is unsurprising considering what she had been through, so I was stroking her trying to reassure her.

“Then I gave her a biscuit and she gave me a little tail wag. I just fell in love – she really made my heart melt.”

Two months on and the change has been incredible.

Lisa said: “No-one can believe she is the same dog.

“We had no idea what breed she was for weeks as her hair loss was so dramatic but you can see the spaniel in her and even her personality has gone from being a terrified wreck to an excitable bundle of energy who just loves life.

“She is definitely my dog – she won’t let me out of her sight – and her ears prick up if she hears my voice on the phone.

“I have no idea if she remembers me as the one who rescued her but there certainly feels like we have a special bond.