Rescue Of A Puppy Scared Of Fireworks Stuck In A 23M Drain For Four Hours


Many animals find fireworks scary and the loud noise and bright flashes can cause pets to freeze up in fear or attempt to run away. One petrified puppy found herself stuck inside a 23-metre pipe while trying to escape the noise of fireworks during Diwali celebrations on Monday.

The tiny pup crawled into a drainpipe for safety and shelter away from the display, but “the more scared she became, the further she ventured – until it became impossible for her to retreat”. An animal rescue team were called to the scene in South Africa and enlisted the help of plumbers to find the pooch with a smart camera.

Thankfully, after four long and tiresome hours, the shivering dog was retrieved and is now in safe hands.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA team, who responded to the call, posted the news on Facebook.

The statement read: “Amongst the loud bangs and chaos of last night’s Diwali came a story of a little puppy so petrified she crawled into a 23 metre drain pipe rather than endure the pain she was suffering with the petrifying noises.

“When Inspector Petros Simamane and Field Officer Philani Nzama were called to the scene early this morning, it became apparent they would need a camera to ascertain exactly how far she had gone in.


“Ganga Plumbers were only too happy to assist with their camera as soon as they realized a little puppy was in dire need of being rescued.

“After over four hours of hard work, digging and sweat there was much to celebrate as the shivering little soul was finally retrieved by a tired but elated Inspectorate team.

“Once again, we would like to thank those that helped make this rescue possible and special mention to Ganga Plumbers for the use of the invaluable camera.”

The rescue added: “Currently our little rescue is sleeping with a full tummy and wrapped safely in a fleece blanket.

“She is one of the fortunate ones we were able to assist, but let us spare a thought to all those animals who last night spent the night petrified and frightened while people continued to ignore our pleas to refrain from loud fireworks.”