S.t.a.r.v.i.n.g, Hairless Dog Grows Back His Coat & Finds His Forever Home


When Norman was found on the streets of Houston, Texas, he was yelled at, bent over, and searched for food. It was obvious that he never lived in a house and was never neglected.

Adorable Mutts Rescue took him in and cared for him for almost two months. Because he was so thin and had lost all his hair, an essential part of Norman’s treatment was a healthy diet.

It may seem like a simple “cure”, but for a donation shelter, buying good quality food can be a big expense that many cannot afford.

But luckily the bailout bank stepped in. The charity donated premium dog food to feed the pup, forgoing the expensive part of her care. As a result, the money saved from food was spent on screening and other health needs.

Norman Coat began to recover between the loving rescue treatment and the nutrient-dense diet.

A few weeks after being rescued, the former stray has grown into a healthy, shiny white pup that looks like a gray bag of bones!


While her physical wounds healed, her emotional scars took a little longer. He was very caring about people, so he was placed in a basic command and basic partner training class by adorable dogs.

There he made huge strides toward preparing for adoption.

When her new mother brought her home, she was still pale and it took her several days to get used to it.

But he refused to give up the dog and waited patiently to come back. Little by little, he gained their trust and is now bound by an unparalleled bond.


Even though they’re still nervous strangers, Norman couldn’t be happier if he could spend time with the people he loves. It’s been a long journey for the pup, but now he’s enjoying life forever in his home, Canada!

We are very happy that this darling got the second chance he deserves.