Scrawny Dog Found On Streets Reduced To Skin & Bones

Dog found wandering by a passer-by
The plight of street dog Bobby was shared by local welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore in a Facebook post on Friday (26 Nov).
Apparently, he was found wandering on the street by a passer-by named Jeanne.
The kind woman alerted the welfare group, and they decided to help him despite having 4 other rescued dogs.

Dog was in a sad state

When Bobby came to them, he was in a tragic state.
The unfortunate dog’s body was so emaciated that his ribs were clearly showing. It seemed he hadn’t eaten in weeks.
He also had almost no fur left on his torso, save for a few strands here and there.
It’s uncertain what caused him to end up like that.
Dog’s blood work is good
Thankfully, things weren’t as bad as they seemed.
Jeanne brought him to the vet, and his overall blood work turned out to be good.
However, he needs some tender loving care to get back to full health, judging from his condition.
Adopter being sought
Chained Dog Awareness is now seeking an adopter for Bobby – someone who’s willing to take the time to nurse him back to health and provide some stability in his life.
They assured those who’re worried they may not be able to take on the responsibility that he’ll be very easy to handle.
He’s currently with a fosterer and has been observed to be very well-behaved, they added.
Not only does can he walk on a leash with no problems, but he can also use a pee pad to relieve himself.
Bobby is a very good boy indeed!