Seven-Year-Old Old Dog Fell Into A Death Trap After Being Brutally Abused By His Owner


Althea, a 7-year-old pit bull, is supposed to be doing what dogs do best, running around and looking for snacks. Instead, this pup doesn’t know when she will be leaving the hospital.

“For this to happen is unthinkable,” Tina Hayes said.

Hayes, a volunteer with Vegas Pet Rescue Project, has been with Althea every day at the hospital ever since she was brought in.

Earlier this month, Althea was found on the street and taken to The Animal Foundation, where employees reached out to VPRP for help.

“They know that we are not afraid about those critical cases,” Hayes said. “She’s just skin and bones. She w as only 23 or 24 pounds. A seven-year-old pit bull should be probably closer to 60.”


The chances of Althea surviving were slim.

Video taken by Hayes showed that Althea was too weak and needed to be carried into the car.

“She had almost given up at that time,” Hayes said.

Her frail body and rough paws gave us a glimpse of what she went through.


“It’s been torture for her, scrounging for food, trying to figure out her next meal, where the next love is going to come from,” Hayes said.

Although we don’t know what Althea’s prognosis will be, she has proven she is a fighter.

On Wednesday morning, she lifted her head up all on her own, which was a big step toward her recovery.

“She’s showing signs of ‘hey I want to get out of here’, that’s beyond amazement,” Hayes said.

It was a huge difference from just Tuesday when Althea’s face was swelling up and she needed a feeding tube.

Though Althea has made minor improvements at Veterinarian Emergency and Critical Care, things can change at any minute. But for now, Althea will continue to fight this fight with the help of a few small meals a day and some tender loving care.