She Surrenders Herself To Death After Making Sure Her Baby Is Safe, But Rescuers Rejected That


Helen, an annoying mother with unimaginable experiences, had something to live on: her son Oscar. Just like her, Oscar was about to die.

If there had been no Viktor Larkhill and his team, Oscar would not have been successful. They found the couple hidden in an old building. The rescuers were sure that their mother and son would flee. But Helen knew they were there to help.

The uninterested mother kept her son calm while the rescuers went to Oscar. He stayed by his side long enough to be saved.

The rescue group posted about the dog and her son, who has a little chance to live on their page on Facebook.

When the rescuers went to the hospital, they promised not to leave her … and to save her son and find her. ” The rescuers promised Helen, Oscar and herself that if Oscar was safe, she would return for Helen. They kept their promise.


However, when the rescuers returned to her, her condition had deteriorated. She was ready to leave this world. They knew her son was safe and now it was time to leave. Rescuers would not accept it. They hugged her gently and gave her a snack.


But he was so weak and unable to stand. However, the team took it and brought it in. They would do anything to save her.

She and her son’s bloods were poisoned by Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, and Leishmania. The mother’s kidneys hardly work. Only she would never have recovered. ”

They worked tirelessly to offer Helen the best possible hydration. But it was still not good. They brought him Oscar and hoped that his company would help him.

Being together alone has brought peace and strength to Helen. He started to fight. He still had a long way to go, but the rescue team had confidence.

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