Shedding Tears In Front Of Loyal Dogs: Waiting For Her Owner For 6 Months In The Snow And Determined To Follow The Owner’S Car To The Emergency


1. Abandoned from the summer, the dog still lies outside waiting for the owner until the cold winter

The story touched people around the world by the affection and loyalty of the little dog to its owner. For those who love dogs, they can’t hold back their tears at the image of a dog struggling in minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The story happened in the village of Mametkino, Siberia. After months, it was still waiting for its owner to return. People around this area all admired him and called him Hachiko, after the famous Japanese dog waiting for its owner who died for more than 9 years at the train station.

Seeing the poor dog lying in the cold at the bus stop, people deliberately brought it home, but the dog refused. According to local people revealed to The Siberian, Hachiko was left behind at the bus station from the warm summer, through the autumn and into the cold winter, Hachiko always avoided people, just hanging around waiting for his owner. me. The villagers gave up trying to bring it home to feed, instead bringing food to the bus stop every day.

According to the conjecture of the people here, it is very likely that the owner of the dog has a gray car. Because every time a car of this color passes by, the dog gets up and runs after it in the hope of finding the owner.

During the cold winter days, the people’s food still brought Hachiko, but everyone was worried that the food would turn to ice and it would starve to death. Many people also bring warm nests for Hachiko, but in the long run, this option is still not feasible. Siberian winters are still too cold for a dog to lie outside.

Finally, people reported this incident to an animal rescue organization. At first, Hachiko refused to leave and wanted to wait for the owner to come to the end. But with professional expertise, this organization successfully rescued the poor dog.

Last Christmas, Hachiko had a new owner. The new owner confided: “I simply admire this dog, admire its loyalty. Hachiko is living well and seems happy in her new home.” It is known that the story of a loyal dog waiting for its owner for 6 months has created a strong message about the animal’s love for humans.

2. Touched by 6 dogs who followed the owner’s car to the emergency

Another story about loyal and loving dogs took place in 2018. That story happened in Brazil, 6 dogs followed the owner’s car to the emergency room and waited outside the hospital for 24 hours clock.

According to Fox News, a homeless man named Luiz suffered a stroke in late December 2018 and was taken to Santa Cara hospital in the city of Cianorte, Brazil. When the ambulance arrived and took their owner away, 6 loyal dogs ran after the ambulance carrying their owner and patiently waited for hours outside the hospital to wait for the owner to wake up.

An emotional NGO volunteer told this story: “They followed the ambulance, chased it all the way, and stopped only when Mr. Luis was taken to the hospital. went crazy when the doctor brought the owner inside and barked outside the door of the hospital.”

The 6 dogs were waiting for their owner to wake up and when Mr. Luiz was discharged from the hospital, they still followed their owner. The humanitarian organization temporarily rented a small house with a corner of the yard to shelter Mr. Luiz and his dogs, but he refused to stay. Mr. Luiz said his house is the street.

Many people decided to separate the dogs from him to give them a place to live, but all six dogs escaped and wanted to live next to their owners. Finally, out of pity for the poor animals, Mr. Luiz received the help of a humanitarian organization, both the owner and the dog had a place to live