She’S Sitting Motionless Beside The Road, Crying In Pain For Days People Passby But No One Help


Acording to The Moho someone reports of this poor dog that was hit by a vehicle a couple of days ago and can’t move her back legs.

She has clearly just given birth and is probably in distress at not being able to find her puppies. People pass by but no one helps her as she sits immobile alongside the road, weeping in anguish for days.

A groupe of volunteers have rescued the dog and took her to a local shelter. She appears to be paralyzed or to have a broken leg. Sinead is her given name (pronounced shinade).

There was no sign of puppies anywhere so maybe she is still pregnant. They explored the neighborhood and inquired everywhere, but there was no sign of the puppies!

After a day, they took her to the Animal Wellness center, where she had x-rays to determine the extent of the injury caused by the vehicle hit.

Sinead’s x-rays yielded negative results. She does not have any fractures in her limbs or pelvis, but she does have a broken spine, which has affected the nerves in her hind legs.

She was able to defecate and wee in the shelter, so hopefully her functions were not affected. Doc Gama, who performed her x-rays, feels laser therapy has a possibility of helping her recover.


They will undergo intensive laser therapy for seven days in a row. So they must keep her there since it is too stressful for her to drive her through uneven roads every day.

After Four days she is still on IV and nutritional support to try and get her red blood cells up.

She is also on a catheter because she is having difficulty emptying her bladder. She continues to receive laser therapy on a regular basis.

She’s doing a lot better. She can now eat and drink on her own, and she pooped three times yesterday night.

She underwent 9 laser treatments after 13 days and there is a considerable increase in muscle and bone development.

However, her spine, like Tink’s, is still out of alignment, but we are hoping that with more laser therapy, it will get stronger.

A month later, she is in good condition, but veterinarians are unsure if Sinead will regain use of her legs.

Hope you get a home ! Praying for you! Hope you regain the use of your back legs ! Love you Sinead !