Sick Street Dog Walks Into Shelter And Finds Cozy Place To Sleep


A sick street dog found the exactly right place to take a nap when she wandered into the office of Humane Society International (HSI) India.

She wasn’t noticed by busy staff at first, but when they did notice her quietly curled on a chair they knew she was in grave condition.

She had a severe case of mange, with open wounds around her ears.

They immediately went to get her food and water, but she was startled and ran away. But the following day she returned to the office and again sought out the couch to sleep on.

The staff made sure to secure the door so she could not flee a second time.
“When I went to pick her up to take her to the doctor, her skin was peeling off,” Alokparna Sengupta, deputy director of HSI India, told The Dodo. “But she was and is an angel. No complaint or stress. I guess fate brought her to the right place and she knew it.”

They named her Fairy and she welcomed the medical care and attention she was getting.


“She has been an extremely patient and happy dog,” Sengupta said. “After the second day at the boarding kennel, she immediately trusted the volunteers and patiently had a bath every single week. After her recovery, we realized what a happy and friendly dog she was.”

HSI has ongoing initiatives to help stray and helpless dogs across the globe, such as their Street Dog Welfare program and their program to help free dogs caught up in the dog meat trade.
Fairy has been one of the benefactors, spending three months at their shelter before she caught the attention of a family interested in adopting her.
She spent another three months making a full recovery before going home with her new family.
Whether it was fate, or chance, or Fairy’s smarts, she ended up in exactly the right place for help. And her transformation and life now is nothing short of remarkable.