Terrible Elderly Dog Found Abandoned In Graveyard With Infected Eye Popping Out Of Head


An elderly dog dumped in a graveyard was discovered with her infected eye literally popping out of her head.

The Shih Tzu was found abandoned in a cemetery by a shocked member of the public near Bury, Greater Manchester, on Sunday.

Her badly matted fur was so overgrown that she was unable to see and had caused a gruesome infection in one of her eyes.

A grim photo shows her left eyeball protruding from its socket.

The woman who found the animal, thought to be ten years old, took her to a vet and RSPCA inspector Demi Hodby was sent to the scene.

The animal charity, which has named the pooch Boo ahead of Halloween, is appealing for information about who might have dumped her.

Boo was given emergency treatment at the vets then taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for further treatment.

Her eye was so severely infected that she had to undergo an operation to have it removed.

Now Boo is recuperating from her ordeal in RSPCA care, as an investigation to trace the person responsible for abandoning her begins.


Demi said: “Poor Boo was so terrified she was trembling and was in a terrible condition. She couldn’t see anything because she was blind in the infected eye and the other one was covered in matts.

“She couldn’t see where she was going and was frightened when anyone went near her.

“Her eye was so swollen and badly infected it was bulging from her head and must have caused her a lot of pain and suffering. There was also crusting round her face from where the infection was coming from her eye.


“But following treatment Boo seems to be making good progress and when she is fully rehabilitated we will be able to look for a new home for her.”

Shannon McCall, the vet who treated Boo at GMAH, said: “Boo came into our care in a state of neglect.

“She had suffered an injury to her eye that was traumatic in nature, her entire eye was prolapsed out of her head and she had no vision left in it.

“There was a lot of bruising and blood around the eye and it was very swollen and painful. The other eye was also severely infected.

“The condition of her coat was dreadful, with lots of matts present and she had an underlying skin infection. Her nails were very long and had started to curl into her pads.

“We sedated her, shaved out her matts, clipped her nails and removed her eye. She is currently on medication for her remaining eye to keep it lubricated and infection free.

“She is on antibiotics for her skin and pain relief until her eye heals. She is understandably still quite nervous at the moment but with time we hope she will begin to trust us on her road to recovery so she can find her new home.”