Terrifying Moment Abandoned Cat Covered In Fluffy 5 Pounds In Fear


Unfortunately many older people are isolated and too old or sick to take care of themselves.

If there’s is also no family who can help out, what if the person in question has a pet?

Persian cat Sinbad lived with an elderly gentleman, but as soon as his owner became sick, there was nobody to take care of the poor cat.

Thankfully, a workman discovered Sinbad when he was in the house and called animal rights organization The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Sinbad was taken directly from his “prison” in the basement to the animal shelter, where the first task was to shave off 2.2 kilos of straggly fur from Sinbad.

At first, Sinbad just looked like a pile of hair.

Nobody really knew what kind of cat he was until the volunteers recognized a sweet and tough little Persian behind all that hair.

Sinbad was in need of urgent care – but first, he needed a shave.

”He was so tolerant and sweet during the grooming, which was grueling. It took hours,” Elliot Serrano from the Anti-Cruelty Society says.

“We had to force feed him for a bit to make sure his digestive system would keep working and not hurt his kidneys.”

A little over 5 pounds of fur was shaved off when Sinbad was rescued back in 2016, which was more than half of his total weight.


Soon Sinbad could move relatively freely again and begin his recovery.

As you can see, that’s a lot of furs he had removed!

Unfortunately, it was soon clear that Sinbad had injured his leg due to malnutrition.

The leg muscles had wasted away, requiring extra love and proper medication for Sinbad to survive.

Sinbad luckily responded well to treatment.

He eventually got back his strength and lust for life – and also new soft and beautiful fur.

Elliott from the animal rights organization took Sinbad home during his vacation so that the cat wouldn’t feel lonely at the animal shelter.

Pretty soon, he fell in love with the little fighter.

“I’m just astounded at how he just loves people, even though people haven’t always treated him very well. It’s a lesson we could all learn,” Elliot says to Lovemeow.

Sinbad the Survivor went on to live with Elliot full-time, and Elliot made sure that he would never be left alone in a cellar again.

Sinbad got his own Instagram account, where thousands of strangers praised him and follow the duo’s adventures.

Sadly, Sinbad passed away in 2020 – but his legacy will live on forever in our hearts.