Terrifying Moment Homeless Dog Was Left To Die With A Dangerous B.u.l.l.e.t Wound


A homeless dog who was found hiding in a stranger’s shed with a horrific bullet wound in his head is fighting for his life. The abused pup, later named Bandit by his rescuers, was discovered emaciated and alone on Saturday night by the homeowner in Youngstown, Ohio, US.

Police responded to the call and enlisted animal carers at Mahoning County Dog Pound, who rushed Bandit to emergency veterinary care. It was estimated the poor pooch was shot several days before his rescue, and bullet fragments are still stuck inside his head. Weighing just 15kg, Bandit was diagnosed with Lyme disease and an infection, but is miraculously still battling to survive.

Megan Zarlenga, of Friends of Fido – a non-profit rescue group that works with the animal pound – shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook on Saturday.

“I can not imagine his fear. Death from infection, starvation or a human… that was his future,” she wrote.

“The bullet appears to have gone through soft tissue on the back of his head and out the side of his neck.

“There appears to be some peripheral nerve swelling and he is very weak. The good news is he is responsive.”

Despite Bandit having a long road to recovery, the brave dog has already made progress since his rescue on Saturday.

Megan updated followers to reassure them Bandit was “a little more alert” and “ate his breakfast and walked outside”, which is amazing considering her couldn’t stand up on his own a few days before.


Megan’s latest update said that Bandit had spent the night at the vets and “will likely remain there for a while”.

“On his way to the vet on Monday he managed to chew the tip of his tail down to the bone. We have no idea why,” she said.

While Bandit takes it “one day at a time”, Friends of Fido is asking the public for donations towards his mounting hospital bills, which already total over £1,000. You can visit the website to contribute.

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