The Dog Was Abandoned and Left in Hunger and Thirst, Emaciated, Only Skin and Bones, Collapsed in Pain


In the midst of desolation, a small dog was discovered abandoned in a remote shack next to a river. The circumstances surrounding his plight remain unknown, but one thing was clear—this poor creature needed urgent help.

Emaciated and unable to walk, he exuded an air of desperation that tugged at the heartstrings. The person who stumbled upon him acted swiftly, capturing photos and videos to document his condition until rescue partners could arrive.

Heartbreak ensued as the rescuers realized that the situation was far worse than anticipated. The dog, named Joaquim, was a mere skeleton, his fragile body barely holding on.

Suspecting a fracture in one of his back legs, they also noted multiple wounds, some infested with maggots. The look in his eyes mirrored the devastation he had endured. Hope flickered amidst the despair as they vowed not to let him suffer alone. Joaquim’s condition was critical, and they rushed him to the emergency hospital.

At the hospital, the grim reality of Joaquim’s condition became evident. His wounds were cleansed, maggots carefully removed, and he received a regimen of powerful antibiotics, painkillers, and intravenous fluids.

Given his severe dehydration and cold body, he was provided with a heated mattress and soft blankets to restore warmth. Blood samples were taken, and tests for Lyme disease and distemper were conducted.

Lethargy and sadness weighed heavily upon Joaquim, evoking a deep sense of disbelief that anyone could subject an animal to such cruelty. Unfortunately, the test results revealed that he had tested positive for distemper, exacerbating an already dire situation.

His examination results were equally disheartening, showing anemia, high infection levels, and issues with his liver and kidneys. The wounds on his neck and anus were severely infected, and his right hind leg, possibly fractured, remained swollen.

Treatments for distemper symptoms were initiated, and an ultrasound was scheduled to gain further insight into his condition. Due to his frail state, X-rays were postponed, as he would not survive sedation at the moment.


Joaquim’s infected fractured leg required frequent draining, and medications were administered to address the infections, liver issues, and kidney problems detected during his exams. Despite the overwhelming challenges, Joaquim displayed a resilient spirit, gradually improving beyond expectations.

Though still unable to stand and hindered by the potential fracture, Joaquim’s appetite remained robust—a significant sign of his determination to fight. Efforts were made to position him for feeding, and he eagerly consumed his meals.

As the days passed, Joaquim’s stability increased, allowing him to eat independently. Wounds were attended to thrice daily, with ongoing administration of antibiotics and painkillers. Blood work was repeated to assess any improvements, hoping for positive changes.

And then came the heartwarming news—Joaquim wagged his little tail, a symbol of his unwavering spirit. He continued to fight relentlessly against the devastating distemper. Meanwhile, the medical team worked tirelessly to stabilize him for the impending leg surgery.

Encouragingly, his examination results improved, and he gained weight. Joaquim emerged victorious over distemper and completed the necessary treatments. Now, preparations were underway for the surgery to repair his fractured hind leg—a challenging and crucial procedure. The images of his fracture spoke volumes about the severity of his condition.

This brave boy, still fighting against all odds, faced yet another hurdle. Following the surgery, he required a blood transfusion. Joaquim had endured a tremendous amount of suffering since his rescue on May 2nd, and doubts lingered about his strength to pull through.

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