The Great Mother Dog Walked 6 Km Every Night For 3 Years To Do Something Special For Her Family


Every night for the past 3 years, Lilica, the Brazilian dog, has walked 6 km to the house of a benefactor to find food to bring back to her extended family.

For the past three years, Lilica, a Brazilian dog, has crossed the 6 km road every night despite the danger to beg food for the large family of animals in the slums, making many people emotional.

Lilica is a resilient dog, abandoned as a child in São Carlos, Brazil.

Lilica was originally a dog that was abandoned as a child in the slums of Sao Carlos, Brazil. Then, this dog was fortunate to be taken home by a woman named Neile Vania Antonio.

Here, the little dog makes friends with other animals in the neighborhood. The dog, cat, and chicken friends soon became Lilica’s extended family in the slums of Sao Carlos.

A few years ago, Lilica became a mother for the first time with the birth of 8 puppies. Although living in a poor slum, where food is scarce, Lilica still feels her motherhood and has to do everything for her children.

So from then on, every night when night came, Lilica traveled miles to find food for her young cubs. The dog brought back all that he could eat, but it was still not enough to feed his children.


Luckily, once while looking for food, Lilica met a kind, animal-loving woman named Lucia.

“When I first saw Lilica, I gave her food, but strangely enough, she ate a little and then stared at the plate again. A neighbor suggested that maybe he wanted to take the food away,” said Lucia.
After that, the smart, brave and selfless dog continues to return to the Sao Carlos slum, where the extended family is waiting with gratitude.

According to Ms. Neile, Lilica’s owner, at first Lilica brought food for her cubs. But over time, it began to provide for other animals in the poor neighborhood. Although the puppies have been adopted by families in the neighborhood, the work of this special dog does not stop. For the past 1000 days, Lilica has been regularly walking 6 kilometers a night to go to Mrs. Lucia’s house to bring food to her friends.’

The dog Lilica has been quietly doing her job for many years. It wasn’t until one day Mistress Neile inquired about the unusual nightly absence, and secretly followed Lilica, that this touching story was revealed.

The story of this energetic and loving dog makes anyone think.