The Mother Dog Howls In Despair And Begs For Someone To Save Her Injured Child


Members of the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue group received a report of an injured puppy lying on the side of the road. When they arrived at the scene, they found a heartbreaking sight – the toddler’s mother standing next to him and desperately calling for help.

An injured puppy was lying on the side of the road

“Mom was barking and screaming for help. The baby didn’t look good – he couldn’t move and was squealing in pain. The sight was literally heartbreaking.” – say the rescuers.

Volunteers started the rescue operation

Members of Animal Aid Unlimited approached the mother and her baby. They had to tread carefully to gain their mother’s trust.

“The puppy was injured and squealing in pain. We had to help him as quickly as possible. Fortunately, his mother saw that we had good intentions and trusted us.”

The rescuers took the dog to their hospital

“When the puppy started crying, so did his mother. It must have been terrible for her to see her child in so much pain. We carefully picked up the baby and took him to our hospital. He needed immediate help.”

The dog has been thoroughly checked

The toddler had two deep wounds on his body, and volunteers immediately began cleaning them. The dog was bandaged and received appropriate medications.

“The wounds hurt so much that he couldn’t walk. This poor thing has been through a lot, but now she’s finally getting help.”


Time to recover

Now the little dog needed, above all, rest to regenerate his strength. During this time, volunteers surrounded him with great love, attention and warmth.

The dog was named Toggle

Walking was still painful for the puppy, but he tried anyway. The volunteers agreed that he was a very brave and brave boy.

Thanks to proper care and determination, the dog recovered

Over time, Toggle finally regained his health and was able to move around. The little dog quickly stole the hearts of the rescuers.

“We loved him very much, but we knew that there was someone who missed him very much and was waiting for him. We meant his mother, of course.”

Toggle was taken back to his home

There he finally met his mother and the rest of his family. The mother welcomed her child very tenderly.

“We made a commitment that when the little ones grow up, we would sterilize their mother. This is very important because thanks to this we contribute to reducing animal homelessness in India.” – added the rescuers.

You can watch the puppy’s entire journey in the video below: