The once abused dog became afraid of humans until a woman came and showed her love.


What a lovely young lady…! Thank you for rescuing and saving this little baby and ensuring that she received the assistance and care she need.

They only want someone to love them, not to them, therefore he’s lucky to have a compassionate lady looking after him.

Miley was [forced] to be a [bait] dog after being born and raised in a [dog-fighting] ring in Austin, Texas. While she [suffered the continuous str.ikes], her neck was firmly [wra.pped by bar.bed] wire and her mouth was [continually ta.ped clo.sed].

She was thrown on the side of the road in 2017 with [severe] injuries to her rear leg. Even though she was only one year old, she had already gone through unthinkable

Miley was discovered by an animal control officer, who subsequently posted a photo of her on the internet, pleading for aid since the local shelter couldn’t afford to pay for her hind limb amputation. That’s when Amanda Holley spotted Miley’s image on Facebook and decided to pick her up that day…

The [fu.nds] for Miley’s procedure were put together in a matter of days with the support of generous community donations.

Miley is enthusiastic about everything now that she has a new start in life. She likes being around other pets and humans, despite the fact that she is still learning how to utilize toys. Miley’s favorite activity is meeting new people, and she already has a large number of pals, both dogs and people. On our walks, she won’t travel more than a few steps without saying hi to someone.


Despite growing up in an environment where people and other dogs only mistreated her, Miley clearly simply wanted to meet someone who loved her. ❤️

She is live proof that only love has the power to save the planet. ❤️💙🌏

Thank you to everyone who demonstrated their love for dogs. Poor fur darling, I’m overjoyed that she finally gets the life she deserves.

In today’s society, there is far too much directed towards animals and people. It’s really depressing…

It started out as a sad story but ended up being a lovely one. Thankfully, this puppy has found a loving and safe home…! 💙❤🏡

We are very happy she now has a nice owner and a good life.